Data Policy

EAA stores some of your information whenever you conduct a business transaction with us.  This includes purchasing merchandise, becoming a member, buying a flight experience, buying admission to a SportAir Workshop or other special event, or making a donation.

For these transactions, we record your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address.  We’ll keep details about your order or donation, including what you bought, quantities purchased, discounts applied, and encrypted payment information.  If this is a gift, we’ll need to record name and address for the intended recipient as well. 

If you’re purchasing a membership, we use and store your personal information in order to send your membership kit, your magazine, and to verify that you qualify for members-only benefits.  For merchandise sales, this information is needed in order for us to successfully ship your item to either yourself or your intended recipient.  SportAir Workshops and other special events have limited capacity, so this data is stored in order to reserve your space.  For flight tours, this data is used to fulfill a requirement by the FAA to keep a passenger list. 

For non-EAA members who reside in a country where the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is in effect, this data is stored for 12 months, and then irreversibly anonymized, unless you give us permission to continue communicating with you.  In this case, we will continue to hold on to your data until you revoke permission. 

If you are an EAA member, these transactions are kept as part of your membership profile.  If you’re a resident of a country under the GDPR, and you’ve given us permission to communicate with you, we’ll continue to keep your data.  Otherwise, we’ll irreversibly anonymize your data after your membership has been expired for 12 months.  If you’re a resident who lives outside of the GDPR area, we’ll keep your information indefinitely.

All people performing a transaction with EAA will receive a receipt for their transaction via e-mail (if provided) and EAA Members will receive communications regarding specifics of their membership. 

Marketing messages, newsletters, and tracking activity on can be controlled through your communication preferences.  You can set these preferences when you join, by clicking the “Managing your preferences” link at the bottom of an e-mail from us, or by contacting our membership department.

EAA will never sell your information to a 3rd party.  EAA does use some 3rd party services for internal reporting, marketing, and event management, but that data is only made available to authorized EAA employees.

If you’re a US-member, we share your information with our member partners to provide discounts and other benefits.  If you are outside of the US, none of your information is shared with these companies.

If you’re a resident of a country that falls under the GDPR, you have the right to control your data.  Please contact our membership department if you’d like to receive a copy of your data, correct any errors in your data, or have your data removed. 

Membership Department:  1 (800) 564-6322,

Data Controller: Tom Moule, 1 (920) 426-4800,