$25 from each B-17 PlaneTag sold goes to the EAA Aviation Foundation to support the preservation of Aluminum Overcast.

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What are PlaneTags®?

MotoArt’s PlaneTags® are the ultimate collectible item for aviation enthusiasts! Made from the authentic skin of a historic aircraft, these mementos are hand-cut, stamped, and shaped to create a unique piece, including all wear and tear and paint from the original aircraft metal.

Preserving the B-17 for Future Generations

After completing many successful years as a touring aircraft, Aluminum Overcast has returned to Oshkosh to be displayed in the EAA Aviation Museum’s Eagle Hangar. EAA is proud to share this aircraft with museum guests once again. $25 from each PlaneTag sale will assist in ensuring that Aluminum Overcast is preserved for all future aviation enthusiasts to enjoy and be inspired by for years to come.

PlaneTags® Production

During its restoration, a section of Aluminum Overcast that had to be replaced made its way from Oshkosh to California to be transformed into the next piece in your aviation collection. Each unique variety helps tell the story of the aircraft – from the real rivet holes fastening the B-17 together, to the scratches and paint chips from its time as a cargo hauler, the individuality of eachn is what makes it a must-have collector’s item.

Take a look at part of the production process of creating unique PlaneTags®.

About EAA’s Aluminum Overcast

Our B-17, S/N 44-85470, was built by Lockheed-Vega Aircraft Corp as a B-17G 105-VE, and it was delivered to the USAAF in May 1945 but did not see action. Purchased as surplus in 1946, the airplane has flown more than 1 million miles hauling cargo, controlling pests, and serving as a mapping platform. In 1978, the group “B-17s Around the World” purchased the airplane and donated it to EAA five years later. The airplane was nicknamed Aluminum Overcast and painted in the colors of the 398th Bomb Group. Following a 10-year restoration, Aluminum Overcast began touring the country in 1994 to honor our veterans and inspire the next generation of aviation enthusiasts.