EAA B-25 Mitchell Berlin Express T-shirt

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EAA B-25 Mitchell Berlin Express T-shirt

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PLU: 2270365302053
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EAA’s B-25H Berlin Express is featured in Kimberleigh and Paul Gavin’s new B-25 Mitchell T-shirt. The historic B-25 captured the world’s attention in April 1942 when 16 planes launched from the USS Hornet for the Doolittle Raid. A versatile platform for all the Allied Forces around the globe, it developed into America’s first “gunship” with multiple .50 caliber machine guns and even a 75mm M4 cannon in the nose. 


Built in 1943, after it retired from the military in 1946, EAA’s Berlin Express had a long career as a private aircraft before appearing in two roles in the original 1970 movie Catch 22.  It was the Berlin Express bomber in its current camouflage paint scheme and was also Orson Welles’s tan VIP Aircraft with white sidewall tires from which he as Wing Commander Brigadier General Dreedle exits the left rear airstair door.


Completely hand drawn by Kimberleigh and then screen printed in 14 colors on a Gildan SoftStyle Heather Military Green t-shirt, this design beautifully captures many of these B-25 details as it celebrates and honors the “Mitchell” and those who built, maintained and flew them, especially EAA’s magnificent Berlin Express and those who restored her.  The purchase of these shirts will help support the mission and keep her flying for years to come. 


This B-25 Mitchell Berlin Express military green heather tee features a full back B-25 Mitchell Berlin Express B-25H-5-NA custom design by Kimberleigh Gavin.  B-25 Mitchell Berlin Express B-25H-5-NA logo on the front left chest.


  • 100% Cotton
  • Short sleeve
  • Crew neck
  • Unisex

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