The Complete Tony Bingelis Book Bundle

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The Complete Tony Bingelis Book Bundle

The Complete Tony Bingelis Book Bundle

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PLU: 2251598800000
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All four complete individual spiral-bound paperback books of the Tony Bingelis publications included in this set.

Tony Bingelis on Engines

Presented in clear, easy to understand language and illustrated with photos and drawings, this is another of Tony Bingelis' incomparable collection of articles from EAA Sport Aviation magazine that addresses powerplant issues facing today's sport plane builder and pilot. Tony has written a treasury of practical engine information for aircraft builders, owners, restorers, and mechanics. What you need to know about engine selection, engine installation, firewall preparation, baffles, cooling, fuel systems, ignition and electrical, exhaust systems, propellers and spinners is thoroughly covered. You'll have all the right answers at your finger tips.

  1. Engine Selection. 2. Engine Installation. 3. Firewall Preparation. 4. Engine Baffles. 5. Engine Cooling. 6. Engine Compartment. 7. Ignition & Electrical. 8. Fuel Systems. 9. Exhaust Systems. 10. Props & Spinners. 11. Miscellaneous

Firewall Forward: Engine Installation Methods

This a complete guide to engine selection, firewall preparation, engine mounts, exhaust systems, hoses and lines, cowlings, fuel systems, ignition and electrical systems, instrumentation, propellers and spinners, and much more. The purpose of this manual is to provide information about engine installation practices that have proven effective and practical. A must have for home-builders or light airplane owners.

Sportplane Construction Techniques: A Builder's Handbook

This book is a great technical resource for homebuilt aircraft builders that includes sections on getting ready to build, construction practices, fiberglass components, control systems, aircraft interiors, canopies and windshields, landing gears, instrumentation, electrical systems, and finishing.

The Sportplane Builder: Aircraft Construction Methods

This manual gives an introduction to homebuilts along with information on construction practices, fiberglass techniques, canopies, windshields, instrumentation, fuel systems, control systems, landing gear components, electrical systems, covering and painting, and after it's finished.

All of Tony's books are must haves for anyone building, or thinking about building their own airplane. Each is a collection of several years worth of his columns from the Experimental Aviation Association's magazine, "Sport Aviation". Each article covers a discrete area in far greater detail than almost any source, with lots of pictures, and the benefit of not just Tony's experience (8 airplanes) but also his years in the Air Force, as an EAA Technical Counselor.

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