EAA Aerobatics! 2-DVD Set

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PLU: 2263385600000
EAA Aerobatics! 2-DVD Set

EAA Aerobatics! 2-DVD Set

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PLU: 2263385600000
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Getting Started in Aerobatics
Produced in co-operation with the International Aerobatic Club, Getting Started in Aerobatics is a valuable introduction to the dynamic world of aerobatics. During the course of this program, you'll hear six legendary aerobatics pilots relate their years of experience and address topics that include the benefits of aerobatics, its history and background, training options, selecting the right instructor and equipment, and more. You'll also experience the thrill of an aerobatics flight lesson at the renowned Pompano Air Center. Getting Started in Aerobatics contains information to consider before you begin- or continue- your aerobatics training.

Run Time: 55 minutes

Aerobatics: Flying the Maneuvers
In this sequel to Getting Started in Aerobatics, you'll be introduced to classic aerobatics figures through classroom lectures, diagrams, and tips from five legendary aerobatics pilots. In addition, you'll ride along with three-time US Aerobatic Champion Clint McHenry and his student pilot as they fly various maneuvers. Dramatic camera mounts and exciting air-to-air footage depict each maneuver from both outside and inside the airplane. If you've ever considered entering aerobatics competition, or you'd just like to put an extra edge on your piloting skills, Aerobatics: Flying the Maneuvers will introduce you to more than a dozen challenging figures, including:

  • Loops
  • Slow Rolls
  • Inverted Flight
  • Spins
  • Immelmann
  • 1/2 Cuban
  • Split "S"
  • Hammerhead Snap Rolls
  • Hesitation Rolls
  • and more!

Run Time: 58 minutes

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