EAA How-To Aircraft Ownership DVD

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PLU: 2268678400000
EAA How-To Aircraft Ownership DVD

EAA How-To Aircraft Ownership DVD

  • In stock
PLU: 2268678400000
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You can save money and have a better understanding of your type-certificated aircraft by doing some of your own maintenance. EAA presents the definitive how-to video on legally maintaining your type-certificated aircraft in accordance with FAA owner preventive maintenance regulations.

This DVD features extensive discussion and hands-on demonstrations explaining both the legal and technical aspects for maintaining an aircraft that will save you both time and money.

Dick and Bob Koehler, EAA SportAir Workshop instructors, have decades of experience maintaining type-certificated aircraft, both holding A&P mechanic certificates with inspection authorization (IA) privileges The Koehler brothers bring their vast knowledge in this field to you in this comprehensive video, featuring in-depth coverage of all allowed owner performed maintenance items.

Some of the key areas covered are:

  • Legal Basis for Preventative Maintenance
  • Servicing Landing Gear & Tires
  • Safety Wire and Cotter Pin Replacement
  • Servicing Hydraulic fluids
  • Replacing Landing and Position Lights
  • Removing and Replacing Cowling
  • Servicing Spark Plugs
  • Servicing Fuel and Oil Screens and Filters
  • Servicing Batteries
  • And much more!

Run Time: 4 hours, 42 minutes

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