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The Untold Story of the B-24 "Lady Be Good" and Her Crews

Look at the mystery surrounding the discovery of a WWII American bomber aircraft lost in 1943.

It was the first and only combat mission for the B-24 Liberator “Lady Be Good.” On April 4, 1943, she left her base on the North African coast of Libya to bomb the port city of Naples, Italy. She never returned to base. It was not until the spring of 1959 that “Lady Be Good” was discovered by a BP oil exploration team almost 500 miles into the Libyan Desert, virtually intact, with no trace of the crew.

  • What happened to the “Lady Be Good” is explored in this book.
  • Includes the search for the crew and the subsequent mission to find the two US Army personnel lost during the initial search.
  • The author interviewed personnel who took part in the recovery effort, and has included many unpublished photos taken at the crash site during the first USAF visit in 1959.

Author Steven Whitby had always had an interest in the history of flight, especially World War II aircraft. As an 11-year-old, he read the story of the "Lady Be Good" in the March 7, 1960, issue of Life magazine and was hooked on the mystery ever since. This book is the result of his very extensive research on this decades-long mystery.

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