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Confessions of an American Blackhawk Pilot in Afghanistan

War and Coffee provides a riveting and introspective narrative, recounting the firsthand experiences of Joshua Havill, a seasoned helicopter pilot with the renowned "Screaming Eagles" of the 101st Airborne Division, during his deployment to Afghanistan in 2009.

The narrative is positioned at the halfway mark of a protracted conflict, Havill offers an irreverent and candid perspective that seamlessly interweaves humor and unflinching honesty. Amid the relentless backdrop of mortar rounds and rocket-propelled grenades, Havill courageously delves into the strategic and ideological complexities that define a war fraught with both debauchery and tragedy.

Drawing from his unique vantage point shaped by nine years of service in the US Navy Submarine Corps during the Cold War, as well as subsequent civilian life experiences, Havill returned to military service in 2002, driven by his unwavering passion for aviation. A mosaic of triumphs and setbacks punctuate his multifaceted military career, culminating in the focal point of this remarkable opus: a year spent navigating the skies aboard UH-60 Blackhawks from the confines of Bagram Air Base, while calling a humble plywood B-hut home.

Set against the backdrop of Operation Enduring Freedom’s most pivotal year, War and Coffee captures the reader’s imagination, painting a vivid and captivating portrait of life in a war zone. With its unyielding grip on reality and unparalleled insight, this masterful work stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit and humanity that persist amid the crucible of armed conflict.

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